About Bit Hoarder

Bit Hoarder was founded with the goal of providing affordable software defined storage solutions tailored to the unique needs of the media, entertainment and power industries. We specialize in intelligent custom software solutions for workflow optimization and system integration.

With over 20 years of technical and professional engineering experience, we take the time to understand what's important to you, your clients and your staff to build a complete collaborative environment.

Our Commitment


Affordable SDS: We are committed to providing the cutting-edge features associated with advanced software defined storage systems for a fraction of the cost.

Innovation: We dedicate ourselves to providing innovative products and solutions that help you streamline your workflow and optimize your throughput.

Resiliency and Performance: We'll help you maximize your hardware by considering all the factors that affect your organization when configuring your system. Availability, redundancy, capacity and performance are our top concern.

Quality: We keep a close eye on build quality to help you advance your high demand long term applications.

Our Mission

At Bit Hoarder, our mission is to deliver seamless storage integrated into your workflow to connect your users in new and personalized ways.

Our Values

Company Values

Client Focus: Determining and satisfying the needs of our clients is the focus of every employee's job function.

Accountability: By maintaining transparency, integrity & project ownership while limiting bureaucracy we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

Quality: Every project achieves the highest standards in quality by consistent attention to detail and continuous improvement.

Agility: We adapt to changing conditions by consistent project organization and management. Every project achieves quality assurance by consistent verification and validation.

Exceed Expectations: Every project is implemented with a goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Company Founders

Winthrop Polk

Winthrop Polk is a Principal Partner of Bit Hoarder and a register state certified Professional Computer Engineer. He holds dual degrees in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and has served as a Controls and Cyber Security Engineer at a major A & E firm, where he worked projects in coal, gas, nuclear generation, and mining for international power companies. He was previously a speaker at the DEFCON cyber security conference.

Stephen Grappone

Stephen Grappone Is a Principal Partner of Bit Hoarder. He holds a degree in Information Technology (IT) from the New Hampshire Technical Institute. He is a media and entertainment IT specialist that brings over 10 years of industry experience with a strong focus on data storage. During this time, he has performed work for media and entertainment professionals at Univision, NASA, CNN, Turner, Cartoon Network, Primerica, Disney, NOAA, Associated Press, and In Touch Ministries. During his tenure at another major system integrator, he led projects that received two out of three Innovation Awards at the 2012 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC).