Whether it's streaming, editing, backup, or general storage, Bit Hoarder's turnkey and scalable software-defined-storage (SDS) products provide the perfect solution for small business and enterprise level applications.


Bit Hoarder's upcoming line of Home focused network-attached-storage (NAS) appliances will provide the same level of build quality as our professional and enterprise level NAS storage appliances. Good for home or small office use, these NAS appliances will provide high speed storage ranging from 1 Terabyte to 24 Terabytes.



Our professional line of products includes the Kappa with 8 front loading bays and the upcoming Manticore with 12 front loading bays. Good for small office or local storage applications, these NAS appliances provide high speed storage ranging from 8 Terabytes to 72 Terabytes.



Our enterprise line of products includes the 12 bay Benten, the 24 bay Drakon and the highly versatile Madusa, with 24 front loading SSD bays. Ideal for production use, these NAS appliances provide maximum performance at a storage density ranging from 12 up to one million Terabytes.


Product Line Comparison

Software Features Home Professional Enterprise
128 Bit Filesystem YES YES YES
Error Detectiona and Correction YES YES YES
Manual Snapshots YES YES YES
Automatic Snapshots - YES YES
Unlimited Nested Volumes - YES YES
Live Monitoring - YES YES
Graphical Trending - - YES
Volume Quotas - - YES
Deduplication - - YES
User Accounts - Unlimited Unlimited
Hardware Features Home Professional Enterprise
SATA 6.0 Gigabit Support YES YES YES
Solid State Drive (SSD) Support YES YES YES
Cache Expandable - YES YES
SAS Support - - YES
Redundant PSUs - - YES
Hot-swap bays 2-6 8-16 12/24/48+
Number of Cores 4 8-16 8-36
Maximum RAM 32GB 128GB 1024GB
1 Gb Ethernet (included) 1 2 2
10 Gb Ethernet (expandable) - up to 4 up to 8
Applications Home Professional Enterprise
Security Systems YES YES YES
Music/Video/Photo Library YES YES YES
General Storage YES YES YES
Archiving and Backups YES YES YES
Media and entertainment Share Storage - YES YES
Game Design - YES YES
Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) - YES YES
Logging/Data Historian Storage - - YES
4K Video - - YES