Solutions Overview


Because of the sophisticated architecture of the ZFS file system developed by Oracle (Previously Sun Microsystems), Bit Hoarder appliances are an ideal fit for most scenarios.

We cater primarily to the following industries, optimizing performance and functionality to meet a wide range of needs:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Businesses
  • IT and Telecommunications

Media and Entertainment

Bit Hoarder SDS appliances shine in creative collaborative environments with our wide array of products and custom software toolsets designed to help streamline your workflow. The storage demands of post-production call for a scalable solution, when your business grows and the demand for space increases, simply add more disks to your data pool and keep working. It's that simple.

Non-Linear Editing (NLE) Post Production Virtualization

The Bit Hoarder appliance delivers the staggering performance demanded by post-production applications at an affordable cost. Most of our customers are using high demand applications such as Autodesk Flame Premium, Davinci color grading, Avid Media Composer 8+ and Adobe Premier. Not only do our products shine in these high demand environments, but they greatly reduces the chances of dropping frames. Every pixel is saved with a checksum integrity check, making sure the correct data is stored and later retrieved.

3D Design and Animation 3d Design

The Bit Hoarder system is ideally suited for 3D departments. With our appliance, you are able to push the limits of advance software packages such as Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Toon Boom Harmony, and Adobe After Effects. Let our SSD only systems deliver continuous and true performance. Experience the space savings of deduplication first hand when managing thousands of assets.

Rendering 3d Rendering

Don't let your storage become the bottleneck of your rendering system and don't let your storage drop any frames. Bit Hoarder appliances allow you to connect multiple nodes so that you can render and store the frames on the appliance without the typical concern of fragmentation. With a copy-on-write filesystem, fragmentation is not a concern. Bit Hoarder appliances can handle streaming video or fast processing of multiple simultaneous writes from each node without skipping a beat.

Once rendering is complete, let the benefits of SDS truly shine with our snapshot feature. Snapshots allow you to take a picture in time, in case a reference gets overwritten or simply deleted, without consuming additional space.

Business Applications

High Demand Applications Virtualization

Accelerate business functions and support business applications while making configuration painless and easy. Bit Hoarder allows SATA, SAS, and Flash storage devices. Expand cache for ultra-fast performance. This performance booster keeps your business critical applications running fast and smooth during times of excessively high traffic so that you can focus on managing your business and not your storage. Surpass your aggressive performance demands but do it at an affordable cost.

All Bit Hoarder Professional and Enterprise appliances are offered with enterprise grade hard drives or enterprise grade solid state drives for fast reliable duty.

Change Tracking Change

The snapshot feature allows you to track the changes made to all the files in your data pool, without taking up additional space until the data is changed. For example, you are able to track the changes associated with an entire SharePoint project on an hourly basis, but for a fraction of the space and time (compared to traditional methods).

Reduced Application Footprints Reduced Footprint

Shrink the footprint of storage intensive applications (like Microsoft Exchange Server) with the deduplication feature. Imagine how much space would be saved if your file system was smart enough to recognize 100 identical blocks of data (e.g. emails with attachments) and only store it on disk once.

IT and Telecommunications

Virtualization Virtualization

With a Bit Hoarder appliance, you are able to create any number of virtual machines (VMs), using third party software, that use the same pool of data, often allowing dynamic growth of each VM.

With the snapshot feature, you are able to track the changes associated with all files within your data pool.

VM shared storage is an ideal fit for the deduplication feature; you'll be stunned at how many additional VMs you are able to support without expanding your existing storage. The advanced file system creates links instead of duplicating content already written to disk. Since multiple similar VMs typically contain a lot of duplicated content (e.g. 100 Windows 7 VMs), you can only imagine the savings until you witness them first-hand. With our 10 Gbps options, you'll have a system that can handle the high demands of your organization for a fraction of the cost of traditional storage.

Backup and Archive Virtualization

The snapshot feature that ships with all Bit Hoarder appliances can provide increased benefits during backup operations. By sending a snapshot from one Bit Hoarder appliance to another, instead of a traditional backup, you are able to back up your data for a specific known point in time, regardless of whether any files are actively being changed during the backup process. This is in contrast to traditional backup methods which could take many hours and inherently are not taken for a fixed moment in time, rather an arbitrary range of time defined by how fast the backup can be performed.

Another advantage of using a Bit Hoarder appliance for backup and archiving is the advanced feature known as deduplication which frees up valuable archive and backup space. While backing your system up or archiving files the system will de-duplicate data during transfer to keep more space at your fingertips.

Databases Virtualization

Databases are the backbone of today's business. Whether providing transaction integrity for key business systems such as payment engines or providing fast access for content providers, Bit Hoarder appliances allow for complete control of your filesystem (the backbone of most databases).

By keeping the write size the same as the record size of your database, you give the users a tremendous amount of IOPS. This is achievable with a Bit Hoarder appliance.

Enterprise level appliances take full advantage of the newer technology in Xeon processors (such as error correcting code, or ECC) as well as DRAM and SSD caching to give your database the performance and throughput it deserves.