Benten 12 Bay


The high performance software defined storage (SDS) appliance known as the Bit Hoarder Benten is the perfect solution for any enterprise class application requiring high speed, redundant and affordable storage. The advanced features afforded by our software based approach to storage technology include:

Quick Overview

  • 128 Bit Filesystem
  • Error Detection and Correction
  • Snapshots
  • Unlimited Nested Volumes (with Quotas)
  • Live Monitoring
  • Graphical Trending
  • Deduplication
  • User Management
  • Duel Xeon Processors
  • Up to 1 TB RAM
  • Up to 96 Terabytes in a 2U Enclosure
  • SAS 12 Gigabit Solid State or Hard Drive Compatible
  • 12 Hot-Swappable Bays
  • Cache and Log Options
  • 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s options (fiber or Ethernet)
  • Includes Rack Rails


35 days from date of purchase



Overcome the limitations of traditional backups with snapshots. Snapshots effectively handle the 'track changes' portion of traditional backup, but in a new and truely unique way.


Data is rapidly growing, and space is becoming more and more of a commodity. Bit Hoarder has the ability to deduplicate your files as they are being copied in real time or as a nightly task; if there is a high potential for duplication (e.g. MS Exchange Server or virtual machine data), these savings will be significant.


Business moves fast and every second counts. Our real time gauges and historical trending displays provide supervisors and administrators with indepth knowledge of system throughput and performance.

Performance and Capacity
Capacity and Performance

The Benten SDS appliance is powered by 2 Intel Xeon processors. Combined with up to 1 TB of ECC RAM, an optional cache expandable up to 1 TB and optional Duel 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards, the Benten delivers production grade performance in a 2 unit enclosure.

Software Defined NAS
Software Defined Storage (SDS)

With the ZFS software defined filesystem that ships with every unit, you'll experience the benefits of an advanced file system first hand. Advanced features such as snapshots and deduplication will allow you to take control of your data in new and robust ways.

Reliability, availability and redundancy
Reliability, availability and redundancy

The nested RAID capabilities of the Enterprise class storage appliances allow unparalleled performance and redundancy. Possible symmetrical configurations include RAID 0/10/50/60/70. We can recommend the best balance for your application.

System Management
System Management

Bit Hoarder Enterprise is a state of the art browser based software interface that makes managing your NAS simple and intuitive. Designed for a multiuser environment, you are able to track system utilization on a second by second or historical basis.

Build Quality

All units are constructed of the highest grade components designed for long term use in production environments.